Reseller Recruitment

Reseller Recruitment

Reseller Recruitment

  • Organisation: Corporate
  • Sectors: Manufacturing, Logistics
  • Technology: RFID, IoT
  • Impact: Growth

Partnership development project to expand the UK re-seller network for an industrial tech manufacturer.

Our client was a multinational corporate delivering cutting-edge solutions for manufacturing and logistics businesses worldwide.

We were engaged to assist in further developing the UK re-seller network the company’s technology.

We profiled complimentary and competing vendor channels across the UK to identify 85 potential companies, segmented into 4 discrete categories. Our analysis assisted the client to prioritise these companies based on volume potential and speed to market.

We then ran a partnering process to engaged short-listed companies, establishing a deeper fit with the client’s product portfolio and facilitating introductions to the client’s commercial team

Through our project the client secure 10 additional re-sellers, delivering on it’s growth objectives for the UK.