Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Organisation: Corporate
  • Sectors: Digital, Consulting, Outsourcing

Our client was the Head of Digital Innovation, leading a team of engineers for a £400m multinational consulting and outsourcing services company.

Her team had been developing a new digital platform targeted at Media and Retail companies and she was tasked with taking the product to market.

As an engineer who had been close the the product development, our client wanted external and independent support to understand market perceptions.

We were engaged on a business development project to support the team in assessing product-market fit and developing a go-to-market strategy.

We completed an accelerated 90-day stakeholder outreach project to identify and engage senior industry contacts, both with the direct target market as well as potential channel partners.

By leveraging our associate team, we achieved 100% of performance objectives and delivered 27 x C-level meetings with the target stakeholders, providing valuable strategic feedback.