Team Assessment

Team Assessment

Team Assessment

  • Organisation: Startup
  • Sectors: Media, Digital

Alex was the CEO of an early-stage digital company looking to grow rapidly in a new and expanding market.

A key challenge for Alex was developing his sales team; as a self confessed “geek”, Alex did not have a commercial background and was outside his comfort zone.

Our business consultancy assignment was to assess and make recommendations on how to achieve this goal whilst maintaining the existing start-up culture.

After reviewing the current team structure and processes, we identified areas for development and advised Alex on changes for performance improvement.

With over half the team being recent graduates, with limited sales or customer-facing experience, we designed and delivered a bespoke skills development and mentoring programme to support individual team members.

As a result of our work, Alex felt he had a better understanding and control of the sales process, as well as greater confidence that his young team were in the best position to succeed.