Project Portfolio

Facilitating consensus and alignment across the leadership and management team around future growth plans
Developing a new strategy for a Membership Organisation to reverse declining levels of member engagement.
Supporting the scale-up of commercial operations, including process development and hiring new team members.
Developing a communications programme to engage senior stakeholders and drive revenue opportunities.
Designing an outreach programme to identify international technology startups for investment and collaboration.
Reviewing commercial team structures and processes to identify areas for development and recommendations for change.
Engaging community stakeholders to rapidly build and activate a nationwide network for social impact.
Conducting qualitative research to assess the UK market around Artificial Intelligence in government and public services.
Identifying market opportunities with corporates across UK and Europe to drive customer acquisition.
Researching global media companies to identify and facilitate dialogue with senior executives.
Engaging organisations to investigate partnership opportunities within a major infrastructure and engineering project.
Researching major retailers and engaging stakeholders to understand market perceptions and opportunities.
Developing new re-seller relationships to drive growth for a global industrial technology manufacturer.
Delivering mentoring to a portfolio of high-growth SMEs as part of a UK Government-backed programme.
Developing the proposition and identifying partners and channels to facilitate UK market entry.
Analysing a mis-fired product launch to identify and recommend viable market segments.
Engaging market stakeholders to uncover new routes-to-market and opportunities for innovation.
Assessing new markets segments to understand opportunities for new product development.
Supporting European market entry through partnerships, market missions and trade-shows.
Facilitating workshops and data analysis to identify and select new market segments for growth.