Team Alignment

Team Alignment

Team Alignment

  • Organisation: SME
  • Sectors: Manufacturing, E-Commerce

We were approached by the Directors of a UK manufacturing and e-commerce business with the challenge to resolve tensions within the management team around future development plans.

The Directors were frustrated since they had previously attempted to implement changes within the business but had found the team were resistant to their plans.

These changes were pivotal to the Directors’ long-term aim for the business and, as such, communication had broken down causing significant issues within a relatively small business.

We conducted confidential interviews with internal stakeholders and reported anonymised feedback to the Directors on the team’s perspectives.

We then facilitated an away-day with all managers to encourage open communication, explore issues raised and achieve buy-in for the proposed changes.

One of the Directors commented on how the away-day created “an environment where we felt comfortable to talk, with an informal formality that certainly contributed positively to the business”.

Following the away-day session the Directors were able to implement their plans and successfully moved the business forward in a new direction.